Freshwater Milestones




      January 27, 1998 Section B Page 9


1696  Population of 22.  

1774  Freshwater appears on the Lane map.

1796  It appears on the Thoresby Map.

1830  In the late 1830s and early 1840s two Methodist churches were constructed.

1836  First official Newfoundland census reports a well-established community of 471; 33 male and 13 female fishing servants; 38 fishing boats includes Clown's Cove. 

1844  First school mentioned in the journal of the House of Assembly.

1845  Population 575, Clown's Cove and Otterbury included; 108 fishing boats and two sealing vessels, combined size 140 tons.

1848  Joseph Parsons list­ed as schoolmaster, paid 35 pounds a year.

1850  In the late I 850s, the community maintained 20 fish­ing rooms and 38 large fishing boats.

1857  Fishermen cured 9,080 quintals of cod; popula­tion of322; community appeared separate in census as Freshwater North and South; two schools in existence.

1869  Eighty-three large boats and four vessels engaged in the seal hunt, employed 107 men.

1883  Created a separate Methodist circuit, Flatrock, Otterbury and Blow-Me-Down included.

1901  Population 534

1910  In the late I9l0, the fishermen's protective union opened a society hall with seating for 100; also a railway station house was built. 

1911  Population 565 postal telegraph office opened; Loyal Orange Society built a society hall with seating for 250.

1921  Census reports two furniture factories.

1945  Census reports one dory, four motorboats, one fishing room and several nets and seines in use  population 311.

  1951  Population 376.

  1956  Population 434.

  1971  Population 147.

  1976  Population 242 - includes Clown's Cove and Crocker's Cove.

  1981  Population 209 - listed separately.

  1983  Two-room elementary school remains open.

This list appeared in the Compass an area weekly Newspaper in January 27, 1998 in a article written by Gord Pike.






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