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                                 Lest We Forget       

Those Who Served During War And Peace
    + Killed In Action WW I                              + Killed In Action WW II

                            World War I
Newfoundland Royal Navy Reserve

Penny, Andrew Freeman 
 Butt, William Alfred
Parsons, William T
Moores, Edward P
Noel, George A
Butt, Nathaniel
Harvey, Hedley
Howell, James
Butt, Leander
Butt, Fred 

Ist Bn Royal Newfoundland Regiment

 Pte. Dean, Walter  949 (Blow Me Down)
Lcpl. Moores, Samual J 943
 Pte. Harttree Sidney 1827
 Pte. Jeffers, Silas 292

Royal Newfoundland Regiment

 Rev. Sgt. Parsons John W
Soper, George Plemon
Barrett, Eugene 
Howell, Malcolm 

Canadian Army

Rev. Cpl. Davis, Chas F  M.S.M
Sgt. Davis, John Shenstone

Butt, William Alfred
Moores, Earnest
Callahan, John

United States Army

Sgt. Joyce, Thomas Lloyd


 World War II

Royal Navy

AB. Pike, George Douglas  JX202028 (9.11.42)
  OS. Davis, Hebert Alston  JX24668 (20.10.42)
    AB. Davis, Norman Warren  JX204997
   AB. Noel, Rueben James  JX186004
   AB. Harvey, Nicholas  JX220927

Royal Canadian Navy

Sub Lt. Noel, George Stanley
Priddle, Beatrice (Evely)  (Flatrock)

Merchant Navy

Butt, George [also N.O.F.U]
Noel, George Benjamin
Noel, Richard

British Army 59th Nfld Heavy Artillery Regiment

 Sgt. Clarke, Frederick Allen  971188

Royal Artillery 166th Nfld Field Regiment

W/O. Parsons, Charles Clayton  970304
Gnr. Moores, Roy Clifford 1158067
Bdr. Noel, William LeRoy  971754

Newfoundland Regiment

Cpl. Butt, Roland James  353
Cpl. Davis, William Harrison
Cpl. Harvey, Charles J.  183
Cpl. Davis, Clifford  485

Royal Canadian Army

Pte. Janes, Raleigh Lester [PP CLI]  E101401
Pte. Harvey, James

RCA Medical Corps
Capt. Pottle, Clarence Herbert  (Flatrock)
Pte. Butt, MaryAnn

Royal Air Force  

ACJ. Clarke, Thomas Ezra? [also MN]  1044214
LAC. Butt, Clarence Reginald  1188509
W/O. Moores, Samuel Angus  798716

Royal Canadian Air Force

F/Sgt. Parsons, Joseph T. Horwood  R280610
Sgt. Davis, Charles William
LAC Noel, Selby

LAW. McIntyre, Jean Winnifred (Bowers)  W305113
LAW. Pye, Melvina (Butt)  W314392

Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

Mullins, Francis (Frank)
Parsons, Maxwell
Harvey, Roy

Viet Nam War

United States Air Force

Sgt. Noel, Roland L.  SAC/AAC

Peace Keepers

Royal Canadian Navy

 Noel, Dale

Canadian Navy

Murphy, Davis
Noel, Michael

Royal Canadian Air Force

 Evely Raymond  (Flatrock)
Parsons, Yvonne
Thomas, Gary

Royal Canadian Army

 Pottle, Eric  (Flatrock)
Butt, Ben
Butt, Bud

Canadian Army

M/cpl. Parsons, Robert
Parsons, Kenneth
Parsons, Dwayne
 Parsons, Lindsey
Parsons, Darrell
Cpl. Noel, Scott
Noel, Crystal
Snow, Jason
Snow, Scott

Canadian Army Reserves

 M/cpl  Noel, Beverly
Snow, Dale

Newfoundlanders, R.N.

 Author Unknown

Churchill said to his government 
 When the war had just begun
 I need a number of small boatmen
 For our little ships to run
 Get me the Newfoundlanders,
 Say 10 hundred in all
 And little did he realize
 Three thousand would hear the call.
 They came from our little villages,
 Our towns and hamlets too,
 From our cities east and west
 To wear the navy blue.
 They left our shores for England
 To Naval depots they did go
 To learn the ways,
 The Navy ways,
 In preparation for the show.
 After training they were drafted
 To many different ships,
 Some sailed to their eternity,
 These were one-way trips.
 Their blood was spilled at Dunkirk
 And off the beaches  of Dieppe,
 They died in the North Atlantic,
 Their graves forever, are windswept.
 They stood watches on the cruises
 And on destroyers too,
 And many corvettes sailed down the Clyde
 With Newfoundlanders in their crew.
 They fought as men in their hour,
 They gave their very all,
 Let's remember always our sailors,
 Who answered their country's call.

World War II Names Compliments of Florence Noel

  The Caribou Was The Insignia Of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment


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