Freshwater  Reunion 2000


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   Welcome to Freshwater

  Reunion 2000  

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Opening Ceremonies

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Joseph Noel Master of Ceremonies.jpg (79722 bytes) Bud Butt Committee Chairman.jpg (80566 bytes) George Swney MHA For Carbonear and Hr.Grace.jpg (83260 bytes)
Roland Noel Presenting Citation From The Govenor of Massachusetts.jpg (91632 bytes) George Swney MHA Receives The Governor of Massachusetts Citiation.jpg (59690 bytes) R Noel Presenting The Massachusetts House of Representatives Citation.jpg (45713 bytes)
Eric Parsons with Children displaying Massachuusetts Flag.jpg (86753 bytes) Waiting for opening.jpg (86473 bytes) Citiations From Massachusettes.jpg (43603 bytes)

Friday nights Activities

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Saturdays Activities


Clowns Cove.jpg (91472 bytes) Goats on Clowns Cove Tolt.jpg (100490 bytes) Jannies on Clowns Cove Beach.jpeg (110273 bytes)
The Dancing Jannies.jpg (121720 bytes) The Singing Jannie.jpg (107739 bytes)
Ted Butt and a Jannie.jpg (97544 bytes) Jannie.jpg (105340 bytes)