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Thank you for visiting my web page   A Place Called Home . It was created to give this small fishing village on the rockbound coast of Newfoundland the recognition it so richly deserves. It is with pride and honour that I dedicate this website to my parents, Mabel Butt (dec) and Edward 'Ted' Noel, and all the good people of Freshwater, past and present.

My name is Roland L. Noel. I was born and grew up in Freshwater along with my brother Davis and two sisters Glenys and Gertrude (Gee). I went to school and lived there until I was 22 years old. In 1963 I moved to Massachusetts and shortly thereafter joined the United States Air Force. I married Eve Christopher of Port de Grave, Newfoundland, and we have two sons: Christian, who is attending Middlesex College in Bedford, Massachusetts, and Justin, who attends Northeastern University in Boston.

During my boyhood days growing up in Freshwater I was always interested in the history of the town and its people. Over many years I have managed to accumulate some of its history and it is with pleasure that I share it with you and the world.

I invite you to visit this small community with its boundless beauty and deep history, where the past and present meet. Take a journey along the paths, trails and headlands of my forefathers, tread where they once trod on land whose contours have not changed since time immemorial. Stand where two empires, the French and the English, once fought for the possession of a small island called Carbonear Island. Take a stroll along the rocky beaches and listen to the swishing of the tide as it ebbs and flows in a slow perpetual motion on a ghostly moonlit night. You too may hear “the hollers on the sound” from the old ghost ship of long ago. Take a day, relax, enjoy and let me know.

I have tried to give you a short history of   A Place Called Home , both written and visual. If you have any additional historical information or stories about Freshwater - Carbonear, Newfoundland, Canada, you would like added to this web page, please write me at

Again, thank you for the visit and come back often.

Roland L.Noel



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